Secret Pals 4

Secret Pals 4 is a gift exchange event for knitters and crocheters from all over the world. This event will last February 1 - April 30, 2005.

Monday, January 31, 2005

You're all very welcome

First, and very, very important – I want to take this opportunity to thank YOU!

Seriously, when I started this event – I braced myself because I thought – man, whenever you get a big group together, there’s always gonna be a few grouches, cranks, etc.

Not this group – every, single, solitary one of you have been completely amazing. I cannot believe how positive, enthusiastic, funny, supportive and sometimes down right cute you’ve been.

Even during the slip ups and boo-boo’s you have been incredible.

Which just goes to prove once again, that knitters are clearly the coolest people on earth.

I stand on my chair right now and applaud you all.

Second – the many beautiful thank yous I’ve been receiving. You are very, very, very welcome. It was a big job, but I honestly had a blast and was probably as excited sending out the names as you were to receive them.

Third – I see a lot of people are asking for my snail mail address in order to send me a treat.

This is very unexpected and while it’s really not necessary – I won’t pretend I don’t love treats and that I don’t love surprises.

So Miri has agreed to hold my mailing address for anyone who wants to contact her - and vice-versa, I have her address if anyone wants to send something to our Lady of the Links. You know where to reach me and you can contact Miri at miriroosa AT gmail DOT com.
Keep in mind too, that I’m an easy lady to please and even postcards from far away lands (like Kentucky) bring me much pleasure.

Four – please don’t hesitate to contact me about any difficulties you might be having. I think a few of you have felt bad about emailing me - but it’s not a bother and that is what I am here for.

Finally, as promised, we’ll be getting a lot more info up here over the next while - I do have some more buttons too that are fab – btw!

Oh, - just to let you know about the chocolate front – I was just letting you know that you need to proceed with caution when sending chocolate outside of your country. Just be prepared for the package to be returned to you if the chocolate is sniffed out. But who knows what percentage are sniffed out. (I myself received contraband chocolate just recently with no problems. )


At 12:18 PM, Blogger Minxxy said...

i read today on the post office site that sending merchandise to the USA was fine as long as it's a personal gift and there shouldn't be a problem with that. Can anyone confirm this?

At 10:25 AM, Blogger Kitty Kitty said...

Minxxy, I am a little confused by your question. If you are sending a package to your secret pal from the US to another country you should definately mark your custom form as a gift and not merchandise. Merchandise would cause your pal to have to pay a duty on the item. You should also say that the value is below $50. Since usually boxes that are above that value get tagged by customs and searched. Pack as lightly as possible, since if you go over a certain weight you have to fill out the big customs form vs the small easy one.

Personal Experience here:
1) Don't wrap since atleast for me those packages that have wrapped items always get hand searched and the gifts opened anyway. The person may never know you spent a long time wrapping. Or worse have a damaged gift.
2) Be sure to write in a permenant pen and include the address inside. If the package gets wet in customs and your forms get smugged you always have another address inside the box for them to use.

At 5:54 AM, Blogger Biglug said...

I'm so sad that I missed Secret Pals 4. I missed SP3 by a week, and I think I missed this by the same. How can I be alerted before I miss these things?

At 12:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry about being vague. I am sending from the UK to USA. I think I will toddle along to the Post Office and ask the people behind the counter just to be sure. Thanks for your suggestions, especially the address inside the package!

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